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Seminar of Hope

A Program Designed To Reduce Referrals Among Students In School.

"Seminar of Hope" was administered at the Wildwood Recreation Center over the last year. Currently, we are focused on smaller seminars at area facilities in Florida and around the country. Teen Tyme Productions is a non-profit organization, and needing to attract the proper Sponsoring Partners in 2021-2030. ~ Stacey Spencer, Founder

A new program behind jail bars has been created to help high-risk youth, first-time offenders, and juvenile inmates chart a path to freedom from behaviors that led to their incarceration. The program was designed and will be presented by Stacey Spencer, a motivational speaker-teacher, who is also a singer and musician. Her goal is to reach minds, hearts, and souls.

Ms. Spencer started her program in 2008 at the Pinellas County Detention and Corrections Bureau in Clearwater. This is an innovative and interactive seminar enforcing the 3 "E" Concepts of educate, encourage, and empower. It's theater of the mind, role playing real life monologues to establish higher personal standards, meaningful morals and virtues. "My purpose is to give participants the value-skills to make new lives for themselves when they re-enter society."

Stacey Spencer & Teen Tyme Productions, Inc, is a non-profit organization based now in Florida. It is an outgrowth of General Colin Powell’s 1997, “America’s Promise” campaign, a plea for America to place its primary focus on the well being and welfare of our youth.

Stacey has done project work for the Department of Education, The FBI’s Youth Outreach Program, and a number of local and national school organizations.


A TeenTyme Challenge of Educational Excellence!

Hello teens, this is a call to educational excellence. Compete to win one of five TeenTyme Back-Packs, one or two of which may have a winning ticket for an iPad or iPhone.

Our goal is to help reduce the national teen summer vacation
drop-out rate. Get involved in really cool arts, language, and scholastic programs that you find challenging and enjoyable. In August, tell us all about your experiences by writing your winning essay.

Submit your essay by our Blog Link on the Homepage. 

Deadline is November 1, 2022.


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