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Why Just Teens?

The Just Teens television show has become synonymous with Teen Tyme and its mission. It grew out of a classroom-based, character building program to counteract negative behaviors and influences. The program sought to instill and reinforce “high standards, meaningful morals, valuable virtues and priceless values” through traditional skills such as etiquette, manners, respect for themselves and others. It was suggested that an extra-curricular program be developed as result of the success of the classroom-based program.

The Just Teens television show was introduced, approved and funded to compliment the classroom-based program. This multi-faceted show produced for, about and with the involvement of teens would include interviews, demonstrations, discussions, talent showcases and informational/educational segments. The show provided a way to show the community what teens were doing and what was on their minds.

It has become one of the most popular informational, educational and entertainment television programs in the Florida area and has been cleared to go on TCT Worldwide Christian Satellite reaching 36 million-homes. Also, "Just Teens" has joined the line-up at the River Broadcasting Network reaching over 5 million-households in North America.

Teen Tyme and Just Teens relationship with the community

Since 1998 Teen Tyme, Inc. has consistently demonstrated its commitment and effectiveness as an advocate and catalyst of change for youth in the city of Louisville and the surrounding Southern Indiana and Northern Ohio area. Now, this grass-roots non-profit is making an impact in the Florida market with its television programming for teens, and the "Seminar of Hope", a program designed to reduce referrals in school among all youth.

Teen Tyme has helped thousands of teens through direct and indirect contact by:

Promoting the importance of establishing and maintaining supportive relationships between youth, school systems, educators, service providers, parents and the community.

Providing youth with an outlet and open forum for the exchange and expression of ideas and issues.

Establishing an alliance to provide a supportive environment for our youth with the local government, the business community, board of education, youth service agencies, clergy and families.

Creating greater awareness within the school system about new issues and concerns among its students.


A TeenTyme Challenge of Educational Excellence!

Hello teens, this is a call to educational excellence. Compete to win one of five TeenTyme Back-Packs, one or two of which may have a winning ticket for an iPad or iPhone.

Our goal is to help reduce the national teen summer vacation
drop-out rate. Get involved in really cool arts, language, and scholastic programs that you find challenging and enjoyable. In August, tell us all about your experiences by writing your winning essay.

Submit your essay by our Blog Link on the Homepage. 

Deadline is November 1, 2022.


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