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The New Triple Threat Facing Our Children amid COVID-19: Stress, Depression and Suicide.

Posted on September 14, 2020 09:45 am

(Tampa, FL) — Tampa Bay, Fla.-based Teen Tyme Productions, Inc., & Stacey Spencer Consulting, featured in the "Tampa Bay Magazine" earlier this year for their commitment to positive educational seminars, juvenile delinquency prevention programs and former development of encouraging television programming for teenagers, has had many inquiries about the level of stress our children are facing these days.

“With so much violence, negative messages and bad behavior being shown on television & social media these days, we’re thrilled to provide a positive alternative to young people who don’t engage in destructive behavior and hope by doing so, we reach teens who will reconsider their attitude and reject negative influences,” said Spencer. “Our entire team is honored to serve all youth by providing custom-designed educational seminars, positive television programs, & Keynote speeches "LIVE" and through the wonderful vehicle of broadcast & social media.”

We have a mandate to keep our teenagers safe mentally/physically/psychologically during the School Zones, especially with the New Triple Treat among our teens: Stress, Depression and Suicide. As the level of importance increases daily with the return of the students going back to school, we have heard of an increase in disrupted sleep patterns among teens, binge eating, weight gain and decrease, and lack of fortitude to learning. However, there's a 'positive' flip-side to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has empowered a core group of students around the world to "Yearn to Learn" during these uncertain times in education.

In support of other positive outcomes and according to the Economic World Forum Report: "Our findings suggest that the period of lock-down when students were not attending school may have protected them from some of the usual factors which can lead to poor mental health. These are likely to include the pressures of schoolwork and bullying, but also more subtle challenges in negotiating relationships with peers and with teachers."

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