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Pursuing Peace vs. Permanent Pressure

Posted on October 4, 2021 03:29 pm

Pursuing Peace vs. Permanent Pressure - OCTOBER IS NATIONAL BULLYING PREVENTION AWARENESS MONTH - As Cyber-Bullying is still the #1 Culprit and Demise for our nation's youth when they decide ' Life is NOT worth it'.  As we just exited September -{National Suicide Prevention Month} - A lot of heaviness for our teens and young children to process amid COVID-19, while educational venues are under Restrictions, Masks, Mental Mindfulness, and Struggling for a sense of belonging.  It's a tough time to be a Teen in our New American Landscape.

According to StopBullying.gov: The instant gratification that we as a society have become obsessed with, has had an adverse effect on the Psyche of our teenagers. This technologically savvy age group is still NOT psychologically grounded to handle the 'Peer Pressure' of this era. The pandemic has definitely created some other major worries among teens and their families in the realm of mental health, including: Isolation, Depression, Unworthiness, and a Sense of Failure.  The positive side of ALL this Cyber-Drama is there's ALWAYS Hope!

In an Interview Stacey will share the following:

1}Educating Your Teens on What is the TRUE meaning of Cyber-Bullying?

2} Three Things to Consider before Pressing SEND: 1} What you POST negatively about another individual is PERMANENT, and can cause severe Emotional Trauma to a young person's soul, in which they may NEVER recover from the offense.  2} PERSISTENT pressure from their peers that instigate a Response to such negativity.  3} PREDATORS, there's millions of people that FOCUS on crushing other's reputation, and it becomes a never-ending cycle of tragic stories.

3} Pursue Peace -- Create a safe environment of Trustworthy friends and family members who encourage your Dreams and Believe in your abilities. Family plays a major role in this emotional endeavor, because the Pandemic has stolen much from ALL of us.  We must be vigilant about our Peace of Mind!

4} Identifying the WARNING SIGNS your loved one is being Bullied, and what to do to counteract any mayhem that could occur.

5} The counselors assigned to StopBullying.gov highly discourage the Abuse of Drugs, Opioids, Alcohol and any other addictive behaviors. They encourage the young people to go beyond the shame, and GET HELP Immediately.  Your Life Matters...

Stacey’s Work: https://www.whas11.com/video/news/interview-the-impact-bullying-and-cyber-bullying-has-on-mental-health/417-2762302

 Booking Information: Nanci Cernak nanci.cernak@gmail.com 727-418.0035
Stacey Spencer: ss@staceyspencer.com or teentyme@aol.com 502-435-4428
Website: www.staceyspencer.com - ALTERNATE #727.638.6535

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