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America's Teenagers Have Gone 'Gusto for Gaming' says, the Guardian, Youth Specialist Stacey Spencer Shares Healthy Learning Alternatives for Summer

Posted on June 24, 2021 03:33 pm

America's Teenagers Have Gone 'Gusto for Gaming' reports say, by the Guardian.com.  Although the Video Gaming Industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry for the past 10 year, there's nothing that matches last year's interest plus sales among teens, parents, and even politicians that looked to that industry for solace in mind, body and soul amid {COVID-19}.  Let's face it, the pandemic has contributed a massive amount of emotional stress with Isolation, Depression, and Anxiety among ALL teens. The Most Popular Gaming Platforms during the initial run of the pandemic was the Nintendo Switch & PlayStation{5}. So how does all of this gaming divert, diminish, and possibly enhance the mental health of our nation's teenagers? Youth Specialist Will Share Alternatives ~

Secondly, let's NOT forget the primary role of Social Media: SnapChat, Tik Tok, FB, Twitter, and the list goes on and on.  These social media wonders have become the major competitors against parents, teachers, and guardians who vie for the quality time needed with their young person. These social media vehicles kept a connection between teens and their outside world in 2020. How do parents create a healthy balance between school work, gaming, and filtering through the negative emotions of stress during the transitions of the pandemic?

"Communication is still the #1 KEY source for Parents and Teens to Utilize during the Summer-Break and Pandemic Transitions"

In an Interview Stacey will share the following:
1} Cognitive Challenge: Encourage your teens to get involved with a Book Club, Debate Team, Art Class at the local YMCA or another creative endeavor that they can embark upon Online or on-location, outside the frenzy of Gaming!

2} Moving Challenge: Walking Club, Cycling Group, and even the good old fashioned Rollerblading. Activity outside the home will diminish so many hours of Gaming in front of a TV/Computer, and benefit their health as well.

3} Volunteer Challenge: Senior-Living facilities, Candy striper for the Hospitals, Reading to Children via your local library etc...
This creates a sense of purpose and dispels the feelings of unworthiness during the Summer months and stressful emotions amid the pandemic.
4} The CDC highly discourages the use of Alcohol, Opioids, Violence, Drinking while Driving and Texting while Driving during this time. All stimulate a level of Depression as we hopefully enjoy the Summer months amid the pandemic.
Stacey’s Work: https://www.whas11.com/video/news/interview-the-impact-bullying-and-cyber-bullying-has-on-mental-health/417-2762302

About Stacey Spencer:
Stacey Spencer is a Keynote and motivational speaker, youth mentor and bullying prevention specialist, former tv host and producer - Always looking for the proper Contract gig. She has been featured in national media outlets including Ebony Magazine and Charisma Magazine, and was named the 2011 "Businesswoman of the Year/Media" by the Tampa Bay Business Journal for her dedication to producing positive television programming for teens. She was named to Who's Who in Black Dallas in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and was nominated for the state of Kentucky's 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award for her innovative television outreach to teenagers. Primary Home-base is Tampa Bay ~
Booking Information: Nanci Cernak nanci.cernak@gmail.com 727-418.0035
Stacey Spencer: ss@staceyspencer.com or teentyme@aol.com  502-435-4428
Website: www.staceyspencer.com

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