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Masks, Mental Health, and Mindfulness are the TOP 3 Safety Staples Mandated by the CDC as Schools around the Country prepare to Open

Posted on August 4, 2021 06:05 pm

Masks, Mental Health, and Mindfulness are the TOP 3 Safety Staples Mandated by the CDC as Schools around the Country prepare to Open - Youth Specialist Stacey Spencer Shares Updates for Parents and Teens - INTERVIEWS/ZOOM AVAILABLE -

'Layered Safety Strategies'
are encouraged by the CDC for a Successful Learning season this Fall 2021, regardless of Vaccination Status. The New Delta Variant, of this pandemic, is drastically changing our world of teaching in the classroom. While full inner-classroom learning is encouraged by the CDC - it comes with a different price tag beyond "school supplies" for our children's safety.  School Strategies for Safety while Learning is the #1 - PRIORITY - for every stakeholder in the lives of our teens and children.  The CDC highly recommends some strict Guidelines to follow for in-person learning, plus extracurricular activities to include sports indoors and outdoors this season.

In an interview Stacey will share the following:

#1}Masks and our children's Mental Health:
Educators and Parents will need to play a more significant KEY ROLE in checking-in on their teens mental health this Fall season as school resumes. Per The Guardian, stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all time high among our teens and children with this strand of the Delta Variant, and trying to factor in learning could be quite challenging. Communication is still the #1 Key Source to unlocking any fears this may present to ALL of us!

#2} Education this FALL 2021 will include a wardrobe enhancement -THE MASKS - for ALL students {ages 2 and older} who are NOT fully vaccinated. This mandate has created a significant layer of mental mindfulness and safety for all to include teachers, staff members, students, and family members. The CDC reminds us that MASKS should be worn 'correctly' fully covering our noses and mouth to diminish contamination among others.

#3} Physical Distancing, 3 to 6 feet apart is a must per the CDC.  Simple reminders include: Washing Hands, Hand-Sanitizer and definitely MASKS are a part of the Back-to-School Zone Supply Lists.  

#4} Finally, in the middle of ALL the stress, remind yourself to breathe and believe that with perseverance and everyone doing their part, we can overcome this New enemy to humanity. Remember, to REST when you can and get excellent nutrition with supplements.

Stacey’s work:  https://www.wlky.com/article/signs-your-teen-is-struggling-with-depression/25661344

 Booking Information: Nanci Cernak nanci.cernak@gmail.com 727-418.0035
Stacey Spencer: ss@staceyspencer.com or teentyme@aol.com 502-435-4428
Website: www.staceyspencer.com - ALTERNATE #727.638.6535

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