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Distress, Disconnect, Depression - Emotions Expressed Recently by Teenagers in Response to the Miami High-Rise Tragedy

Posted on July 7, 2021 04:22 pm

Distress, Disconnect, Depression  - Emotions Expressed Recently by Teenagers in Response to the Miami High-Rise Tragedy, Youth Expert Shares Healing Tips for Parents.  Let's take ownership of the fact that the pandemic, the latest Delta variant, and the increase in recent mass shootings around the country has definitely created some major worries among teens and their families in the realm of mental health.  The Guardian and The CDC highly recommend doing Quality Check-Ups on your Teens Mental Health daily/weekly.  For example, utilize the #1 Key Connection Source -- Communication!  

The Guardian.com Highly recommends, during stressful times like these, please put the Cell-Phones down, and engage in a truthful heart to heart conversation with your teenager or child. Today, many teens feel trapped inside their own stressful mental walls and exude a lack of Emotional Freedom. Considering the pandemic's uncertainties, violence among people, tragedies daily in our world enhances one's Stress. Communication also gives parents and/or guardians the opportunity to identify: Changes in eating & sleeping patterns, chatter about giving up on life, and a lack of interest in sport activities or hanging out with friends.

In an interview Stacey can share the following:

1} Listen Effectively: Parents should listen and encourage teens that they are a trustworthy source to lean on during tough times. Also, parents should  tune-up their "discernment" skills to uncover the emotional trouble zones inside their Teens minds.  Fear is usually the #1 factor for much of the distress per the CDC.

2} Communicate Compassionately: Parents need to be willing to express their own concerns about the recent traumatic events amid {COVID-19}. However, quickly follow-up with HOPE for the future. Parents can become a KEY Source for renewing Optimism among their teens and children.

3} Parenting Partnerships: Since Social-Media has become the iconic medium that holds teens' attention, Parents can do a meticulous job by Monitoring the Social-Media platforms used by their teenagers.... This will help to create a healthier approach to mental-mindfulness and avoid a FULL disconnect from the outside world.

4} The CDC HIGHLY discourages TEENS with the use of  Alcohol, Opioids, Violence, Drinking while Driving and Texting while Driving during these stressful times. A calmer approach is Recommended to build on HOPE for a brighter future!

Stacey’s work:  https://www.wlky.com/article/signs-your-teen-is-struggling-with-depression/25661344

Booking Information: Nanci Cernak nanci.cernak@gmail.com 727-418.0035
Stacey Spencer: ss@staceyspencer.com or teentyme@aol.com 502-435-4428
Website: www.staceyspencer.com - ALTERNATE #727.638.6535

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